In Praise of… Arena Flowers

I’m still trying to get a refund from SNCF for a ticket I bought but didn’t use in May. It was a right palava trying to transfer my broadband with BT (if you’ve ever heard the Marcus Brigstock sketch about the very same, it was just like that) and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve decdided to switch banks (but never have) over some cock-up or other.

So when you get flawless, lovely, amazing, glowing service from a business, it’s worth shouting about. Step forward Arena Flowers.

It’s not a big name and quite new: it’s a business building it’s profile predominantly online. The flowers are honestly priced and my recipient was well pleased. But what I LOVE are the little touches.

* Checkout was easy to do with handy tips and help along the way. A phone number was provided throoughout in case I got stuck. Personally, I was delighted to pay with PayPal although all the big cards are taken.

* I got an email from a named PERSON thanking me for my order.

* I got an email from the SAME person telling me that they’d been delivered. Delivered, I might say within the M25 in less than 2 hours.

* I got a little text message too telling me that the flowers had been successfully delivered.

It was easy and as pleasurable as shopping ever can be and I haven’t stopped telling people about it. So, I’m telling you too: next time you need to send someone some blooms ditch the faceless corporations, use Arena Flowers.

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