5 thoughts on “Have you seen her?”

  1. As an ex/current employer of Ebay maybe you could shed some light on to a subject that is concerning a few people on Ebays community boards.

    Why are Liveworld pulling threads about madeleine as soon as they appear. The threads are only people talking about how the search is going, the news and just saying prayers for Madeleine. In my opinion certainly nothing, that is in my opinion, against the Ebays community boards policies, the people who post these threads do not receive any emails either explaining the reason why they are pulled. It is indeed very annoying and as usual it is hard to get a response out of Ebay or liveworld.

  2. Hi there,

    I’m a former employee of eBay and I don’t think it would be right for me to speculate, not least because I have no insight in why this may/may not be happening.


  3. The threads where pulled because someone (well meaning) posted threads on other eBay boards pointing to the original thread. (are you still with me?)

    This is against eBay policy.

    eBay kindly pinned & locked a new thread onto the Powerseller board.

    This has now been removed. Not sure why, but who an I to question the hand that feeds.

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