Dear Clarks…

In the immortal words of Noel Coward, “I’m old fashioned…” but unlike the master, I don’t have much of an affinity with buying shoes. When I find a pair that last and suit, well, I’m happy and I’ll wear them til they fall apart.

I’m just about there with my current shoes. I like them but they’re done. I’ve already had two sorties to footwear emporia, both ended in failure. All I want is a pair of Clarks size 9 Desert Brogues. I headed to the Clarks website in hope I could purchase a pair. It’s a designer’s wet dream of flash animation and ever so sexy navigation… but there’s no hope for a man who wants some shoes. You can’t bag a pair of Desert Brogues… you can’t buy anything! It feels like lunacy to this earnest and loyal shoe buyer.

A bit of time on Google threw up nothing and I am still a man who needs shoes.To the lovely people at Clarks, see above, size 9 Desert Brogues. I want them. Please, please make it easy for me to buy them on online.

6 thoughts on “Dear Clarks…”

  1. ‘A Pair OF Desert Brouges’… working title for Sylvia Sherry’s ‘Rocky O’Rourke – The Cappucino Years’?

    Aside from giving me motion sickness, the Clarks site had me asking my monitor if ‘you call those shoes?’ So I’m off to buy myself some slippers & a cardigan with pads on the elbows.

  2. Hi Uncle Sam,

    To be fair on ole’ clarks they have some good traditional styles and I think you’d find something very comfy in the shops themselves. It’s the site that makes me woozy.

    In response to Sue’s previous comment, I have actually bought some shoes on eBay. Not something I’d ever really considered (shame on me!) and they are Clarks but not my sought style but hopefully I’ll be happy when they arrive.


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  4. Thanks Dad. :O)

    I am currently wearing a pair of Clarks size 9 ‘Desert Trek’ shoes as purchased on eBay. Needless to say at a significant reduction than in the shops.

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