Why I Love and Hate The Apprentice

Tonight, another amusing episode of The Apprentice has been required viewing at Chez Wilson.

I hate The Apprentice because of what it says about business and the myths it promulgates about what it means to be successful: all Gordon Gecko rather than Meg Whitman, Anita Roddick, Richard Branson etc. Any business that based it’s approach on The Apprentice would be rightfully failing by the end of the first week.

Here are my five pet peeves:

– Good business isn’t, and can’t be, run with such a focus on personality and internal politics.
– Whatever happened to a bit of sober, intelligent analysis and reflection?
– Business skill and acumen is rarely proven in a day. Sometimes it takes a year or more to judge a decision as successful.
– In Apprentice world, pigheadedness is confused with knowledge. Bullying equals leadership.
– Sir Alan is an attention seeking loon (thank goodness he has his brilliant chums).

But it’s great telly and it’s on at the same time as Big Brother. Nuff said. I’ll be tuning in next week and no mistake.

3 thoughts on “Why I Love and Hate The Apprentice”

  1. This years intake all seem particularly inept. I know it makes good telly for them all to appear cretins and suddenly one of them to turn into a brilliant entrepreneur in the last episode…. but honestly, how could Sir Alan be thinking of employing any of them to run one of his businesses? He must be dreading having them hanging around for a year :O

  2. It’s car crash television: I haven’t seen such pathetic office politics since my brief stint in local government. And surely I can’t be the only one who wants to chuck mud at Posh Katie’s holier-than-thou white suit?

  3. Morning All

    I agree with Sue, car crash tele.

    They aren’t really interested in the right candidate, but good tele. If Sir Alan is after a great sales rep then he should post an ad. All of the tasks that he has given is sales orientated and an utter waste of time if he is looking for someone to take up the reigns.

    I think Sir Alan does this for the media attention that it brings him and his company, a half decent candidate for a upper middle management role is probably a bonus. He might have realised this last year after it became clear that the winner, Michelle, was clearly doing the program for the public exposure. Since winning that and getting sacked, she has gone back to her own business and is now enjoying twice as much money!

    Ho Hum

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