This week I have…

… been damned by faint praise.

… been ‘seperated’ from my phone and whilst I enjoyed the freedom from the thing’s tyranny, I’ve been forced to conclude that it’s just not practical to do without these days, especially living and working as I do. But I have changed supplier and number. The old number don’t work no more, email me if you would like my new digits.

… reflected upon the limitless scope for ambiguity when it comes to the written word in emails. For important communications face-to-face is preferable, respectful and more personal even if it’s harder. And there’s is no room for misunderstanding.

… attended the Great British Beer Festival at Earls Court. The crowds, the long wait for drinks and the general faffery reminded me that you’re better off down a good pub.

… walked by the river Thames. Big Ben (yes, yes I know technically it’s just the bell, but I’m using it to mean the clock tower in general) showed two different times on Saturday.

Big Ben: two times

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