Modern Life is Rubbish #1

Are you narked by the crud and crumbs that lurk under your computer keyboard? You can easily remedy this, by hoovering your keyboard.

Just make sure that your vaccuum cleaner isn’t set at full whack otherwise the keys themselves will be hoovered off and you’ll have to root around in the hoover bag to retreive them and then spend bloody hours trying to put them back on. And that’s harder than you think. Without frame of reference, can you recall exactly where the colon/semi colon key goes?


  1. Dan would you like me to send you a replacement keyboard? :-p

  2. Dan Wilson says:

    You’d have to send me a new laptop. ;O) And anyway, I think it’s all fixed now and everythings back where it should be.

  3. Fortunately for me, my habit of tipping coffee/wine into my keyboards with monotonous regularity means they rarely have time to accumulate any crud… but an old colleague used to recommend photocopying/scanning keyboards before cleaning them.

  4. Neil says:

    Yjsy js[[rmrf yp ,r niy o yjoml o dptyrf oy piy.

  5. the_cd_collector says:

    heh! what a fabby idea πŸ˜‰

  6. Uncle Sam says:

    I got round it by buying one of these:

    Waterproof, no crud – the only niggling little problem is that they’re awfully difficult to type on. Which is why I’m considering splashing out on this little beauty:

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