Recently I have…

… spent the weekend in Glasgow. It’s always a pleasure to be north of the border, not least because you can have a nourishing dram of scotch and pretend it’s a cultural experience.

… taken the overnight Caledonian Sleeper from Glasgow to London. Definitely the highlight of the weekend! Who would fly when it’s so good by rail?

… presented at eBay University and hosted the PowerSeller panel.


  1. “Who would fly when it’s so good by rail?”

    I’m getting the train from Rennes to Waterloo next week, and am actually looking forward to it – it makes a nice change from the feeling of dread that comes over me when I think about cheap airlines and airports that don’t have the staff to deal with current security requirements.

  2. Me wants to the join the Powersellers panel !

    That is 4 bottles of Vodka on the table isn’t it ¿

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