2 thoughts on “Buy My Book on eBay – Check out the Video!”

  1. I found your book and the library, read it, used it, loved it. I now have my own eBay shop, and learned a few other things to help my new business.

    One thing I disagree with is eCademy. They rip off UK businesses with a pound for dollar price structure, and are nowhere near as useful as the other websites you recommend. However, you showed me so many new things I didn’t know about, and in plain English.

    It’s given me the confidence to carry on, and helped me through the maze of jargon and interfaces. I’d recommend it to anyone (except my competition 🙂 )

  2. Thanks for your comments Vasco.

    I do take the point re eCademy.

    Now if you feel moved to review it on Amazon. I’ll be doubly grateful. ;o)

    Best of luck with your selling.

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