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Dan Wilson in Take a Break Magazine

I meant to blog this weeks ago, but it slipped my mind. Here’s an interview I did (in June!) with housewives’ favourite, Take a Break magazine. It has an astonishingly huge readership: 3 million. And then enjoys a second life languishing in surgery waiting rooms all over the nation. (When the aliens land after the nuclear holocaust they will probably find just cockroaches and slightly charred copies of Take a Break).

You can see and read it in full here and here (Click on the images to embiggen them). Thank you to Tamebay for scanning and hosting the images and also for teaching me the word ’embiggen’.

2 thoughts on “Take a Break Article”

  1. That woman, with the grey face with the eBay logo on it and the mad stare, is possibly the most disturbing picture I’ve ever seen.

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