Dan Wilson Links 3/vii/2008

A links miscellany. Here’s some stuff I’ve been reading on the web and liked.

From the New York Times, Luis Suarez of IBM explains how he has unshackled himself from his email inbox using social tools and the blower.

The Mail has over taken the Guardian and the Telegraph as the highest circulating UK newspaper online. What are they doing right?

Are you using StumbleUpon? Here’s why it might be better than Digg.

Techcrunch reports Faceparty’s hissy fit at its users. Hilarious.

Useful SEO resource: yoast.com.

And three links on blogging:

On the perils of negative blogging from Problogger.

What journalists can learn from bloggers, in the Guardian.

Why most corporate blogs are unimaginative, from the Wall Street Journal.

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