eBay Everywhere: Overheard on a train

Tonight on the train home. I sit down next to a man I don’t know, who’s already jabbering away on his mobile telephone to someone else I don’t know, about things that don’t interest me. Then something piques my interest. I pause my iPod and listen in. And remember, I only have one side of this conversation. But it went like this:

– Didn’t you know I’m working for eBay now?
– Yeah, X months now.
– It’s fucked.
– Maybe a year ago. But it’s fucked now.
– Total lost cause.
– I’m a Senior Manager, XXXX . Yeah, dealing with XXX.
– They had me in for 13 interviews.
– Yeah. Fucking ridiculous.
– Fucking stupid.
– Haven’t got a clue.
– The Managing Director’s an idiot.

Some details have been erased to protect the indiscreet,

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