In Praise of Window Cleaners

Eyes down, look in. As I sat watching paint dry, I wondered whether this was just too dull, too pointless or too trivial to blog. But no, I decided I would make my dullest blog post ever. My windows before and after cleaning, as seen from my desk. Enjoy.

The view from my desk (before)The View from My Desk (after)

Amended to add this, at Lynne‘s suggestion:


  1. Ruthie says:

    At least it’s clean, Dan… At least it’s clean…

  2. Its all too paneful…

  3. My brothers a window cleaner, he said he’ll be happy to oblige and undercut your current cleaner so long as you paid his travel expenses for a day by the seaside :-p

  4. Dan Wilson says:

    Oh Lynne: I’ll have to add that.

  5. But Dan, the first photo seems to have a whitish film all over it! Is this a post about getting your glasses (or camera lens) professionally cleaned, or your windows??

  6. I have just realised my mistake – the photo was taken from INSIDE your house. I presumed your desk was in the middle of the street, in homage to the mighty Beck’s video for Deadweight:

  7. Brigadier says:

    How galling is it that your dullest blog post has received more comment than so many others in to which you put genuine effort?

    Sod this eBay nonsense: it’s clearly time for tales of domesticity. Give the punters what they want. Next time: carpets before and after vacuum cleaning?

  8. Lynne says:

    Dan, have you got some nice paint drying in a corner anywhere?

    Otherwise, perhaps your sink before and after the washing up…

    That would really raise the bandwidth requirement. LOL

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