Introducing Small Business 2.0

Ever since working at eBay, and then BT Tradespace, I’ve been passionate about what the web can do for small business. And with the credit crunch and a recession predicted to be just around the corner, my enthusiasm has only increased. Ecommerce is forecast to grow every year until 2012. The importance of search marketing, especially local search, is continuing to grow too. The net should be an attractive proposition for any small business but now the net is a channel through which every small business can find growth, profit and prosper in the ‘bad times’.

Small Business 2.0

That’s why I’m so thrilled to be working on Small Business 2.0: a London conference and expo focussing on SMEs who want to unleash the power of the web for marketing, selling or streamlining operations. You can find the Small Business 2.0 website here.

There will be a variety of speakers including representatives from eBay, PayPal, Microsoft, Royal Mail, BT Tradespace,, Get Safe Online and Channel Advisor. On top of that, around 30 other firms will be available in the expo room for help and advice, as well as showcasing their products and services.

I’m looking forward to an informative and fun day. And a little bird tells me that there a handful of free tickets available (usually £49). On the registration page simply enter this code ‘sb0000tcp’ to grab a freebie. First come, first served.

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