Latin is not in the Dictionary

According to the new Scrabble game on Facebook, Latin is not in the dictionary. Shurely shome mishtake?

10 thoughts on “Latin is not in the Dictionary”

  1. Ah, but you see, even in Chambers it has a Capital Initial Letter. This makes it a Proper Noun, (name in normal speak) and so Not Allowed…

    Speak to Biddy, she will explain better than me.

  2. I buy that Lynne. The proper noun is not permitted. But like I wouldn’t want ‘French’ the noun, I would want ‘french’ the adjective.

    I want Latin, the adjective!

  3. From a bigger pedant. In Scrabble it would be LATIN (as all the tile are capitals).

    Would they let you have TUDOR? It’s a proper noun and an adjective too.

  4. You want pedantry? I can do pedantry. There is no such adjective as ‘latin’, which is rather the point. There is only ‘Latin’ with an upper case ‘L’.

    What is this called anyway? It’s not a proper adjective; I know that much.

    To confuse matters still further, in my edition of the OED (1971), all words are written with an upper case initial letter before their definition.

    And I realise it’s not exactly pedantic to point out typographic slips, but you mean ’tiles’ rather than ’tile’, Dan. (The Pedants’ Revolt? Which Tyler? Craig Brown’s Society Of/For Pedants? O hush my mouth…)

  5. Well, just checked my dictionary: COD 1991 (must get a new one).

    ‘Latin’ with a capital L is listed as an adjective.

    So we can assume that Scrabble doesn’t allow adjectives that have a capital?

    But, Brigadier, would you agree that it should be allowed? ;o)

    Others they don’t allow:


    This has to be a coding boob?

  6. There are lots of words from the OED that aren’t allowed in Scrabble.

    Official Scrabble dictionary is Chambers.

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