Small Business 2.0: SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was definitely one of the most compelling topics for attendees at Small Business 2.0 last Saturday. Will Wynne of online purveyors of fine blooms and stems,, kicked off the day by explaining the basics. But for my money his comment that all the SEO in the world is time, money and effort wasted if you can’t convert visitors into customers when they land was one of the most valuable insights of the day. Will is a great advocate of SEO: he has essentially built his massively successful company on SEO. He has posted his slides from the talk on the Arena Flowers blog.

Arena Flowers

The day closed with a panel discussion with various SEO bods from: SLI Systems, Pure Online Genius, Netseek and Inventa Tech.

They were asked, among other things, what the most useful SEO tools out there were and I thought I’d share them:

Google Webmaster Tools: There’s a whole suite of exciting stuff here. Including…

Google Analytics: A free tool from Google that allows you to understand the traffic, sources and activiy of users who use your website.

Google Keyword tool: For inspiration when it comes to generating keyword rich text, try this free tool.

SEOmoz: For the latest buzz and speculation about SEO, SEOmoz is the only place to go.

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