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Here are some links to things I’ve been enjoying online recently:

I’m totally glued to the US Presidential Election. And I get my daily dose of polls from http://electoral-vote.com/.

I’m really grateful to Jesper for posting this link about the Obama 08 campaign logo. It’s an amazing piece of work and this post deconstructs the motif.

Less seriously, what would Palin be like as President? Here’s one amusing suggestion.

Guido Fawkes serves up dirty, cynical anti-politics. It’s sneering and sarcastic and pretty darn addictive.

Small Business
There were lots of inspiring people at Small Business 2.0. But in terms of online resources, two stand out. Emma Jones’s EnterpriseNation and Alex Bellinger’s Smallbizpod are worth devouring.

Anyone with a stake in eBay must read this article from Forbes: The real reason eBay is stuck.

And ex-eBay employee Alan Lewis has been causing a stir on his blog and on the eBay forums. Worth a squizz.

The genius Daily Mash warns that the economic downturn and growing unemployment mean a return of Billy Bragg.

Hilarious Best Man fail:

*”Gosh, SEO benefits by including my name? Really? I had no idea.”

1 thought on “Dan Wilson Links…*”

  1. That is a truly superb fail. The wail of “Nooooo!”.

    PS wording of “devouring” Emma and Alex had me in mind of you with smacking your lips after a tasty meal.

    Good bunch of posts of late, Dan. Enjoyed reading them all..

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