In praise of Seth Godin

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Commonsense marketing advice that isn’t the usual dry didactic crap. Taking everyday examples to tackle everyday problems in a personal and often wry manner. Encouraging readers to look at problems anew by challenging orthodoxies and warning against relying on old assumptions. It can only be marketing, business and general guru Seth Godin.

Two of his recent posts have caught my eye and they’re really relevant to any business looking ahead to the bad times fearfully.

Do you have 16 boxes? is a really useful reminder that concentrating on the negative aspects of your business and the negatives in the wider economy doesn’t really help that much. Are you concentrating on the positives and, in particular, the strengths of you and your business?

Too small to fail extols the virtues of not just being small but acting and thinking small.

The only real mystery for me is why Seth hasn’t really made a big splash over this side of the Atlantic. He’s a virtual unknown. Come and see us soon, Seth!

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