Small Business 2.0: Social Marketing Links

Further to my post about Small Business 2.0 and my talk, I thought some of these links might be useful ‘Further Reading’.

New York Times: Blogging for small businesses
How you can use Stumbleupon – elance
How Digg can help you market your business –
Techcrunch: 9 ways to build your social network What does Web 2.0 mean for your small business?
Problogger article on commenting on Blogs


1 thought on “Small Business 2.0: Social Marketing Links”

  1. Thanks for the links Dan,

    Good set of articles. Another Web-based time and money saver for small businesses that you might like is DocLanding, They are document storage and sharing program that meets all compliance rules. They are like if was truly built for small businesses and entrepreneurs. DocLanding is also pretty inexpensive. Check out a free account (up to 256MB) at the link above.

    Keep up the great posts,

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