Top Tweets: 3 Great Twitterers

I’m seriously loving Twitter at the moment: 140 letters to say something banal and ordinary. If you haven’t had a look, find me here.

It’s great for keeping track of friends. Lots of firms and organisations use it too, mostly rather badly. But some people really get it and are a pleasure to ‘follow’:

Who doesn’t love Sir Stephen Fry? Cuddly, clever, witty, delicious, funny, tweedy, Twinings, Twinings, Stephen Fry. His Tweets are exactly as you would expect… and yes it really is him. He’s filming a series in Africa right now and telling us all about it. Lovely.


From national treasure to national government, (did you see what I did there? Did you?) Number 10 Downing Street is twittering too. Of course, there’s the usual round of policy announcements and appointments (which are a teeny weeny bit dull) but also a fair bit of gossip and meat to keep us interested. For instance, when the PM was in Japan the Twitterer-in-Chief was there too telling us all about it (sounded like bloody hard work) and we got the inside scoop when they found a kestrel in the garden. In general I’m pretty impressed and surprised by Downing Street and how they’re using not only Twitter but also Flickr. There tweets are better, for instance, than both eBay and oh-so-trendy-Obama.

Is there life on Mars? That’s what they’re trying to find out with the lovely little Nasa Mars Phoenix and he sends lovely little updates that can’t help make you feel a little bit sorry for this clever little chunk of space hardware on the next planet out:

Not sure how soon arm will freeze after 1st heater is turned off. Depends on the weather. But saving that power (250 watt hrs/sol) is good.

It’s a bit stormy today. Not sure if these are dust or ice clouds, but the sky is more obscured & less sunlight is hitting my solar arrays.

1 thought on “Top Tweets: 3 Great Twitterers”

  1. I love how Stephen Fry spends two characters out of every 140 putting kisses in his tweets.

    And (for a truly mundane bit of twittering), I like all_tubes
    largely for the sigh of relief I give every time I see “Northern line has severe delays”.

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