A sonnet by a broken-hearted geek

Sonnet by a broken-hearted geek

Shall I compare thee to a MacBook Air?
No. Thou art confusing and much thicker.
Ctrl. Alt. Delete: You crashed our affair.
I found out why by looking on Flickr.
And now you’re running Boyfriend 2.0,
Ignoring all my pokes and pings and tweets,
I know your outward solid state won’t show
That underneath your human heart still beats.
You hacked my love and optimized the code,
You are the plug-in I cannot replace.
You are the coolest app, the best download:
I’ve grown accustomed to your interface!
@exgirlfriend: what can this pwned geek do,
When all my base are still belong to you?

The Wild Shakespeare

(Note: I’m not much of a geek but I sometimes like to write poems. Writing a sonnet is like doing a tricky crossword: you have to play with words and you get a brain-workout: that’s the fun. This is ‘creative writing’. Any similarity to my real life is only accidentally intentional.)

7 thoughts on “A sonnet by a broken-hearted geek”

  1. Dan – he might have a full head of hair but be hiding it under a bald wig to fit in with the shaven boys when he goes to footie.

    anyway the top of his head is cut off in the pic. So what would I know?

  2. I like this Mr Wilson. One of these mornings you will reboot and find that you have a new shiney plug-in making your system race just as fast again x

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