A sonnet by a broken-hearted geek

Sonnet by a broken-hearted geek

Shall I compare thee to a MacBook Air?
No. Thou art confusing and much thicker.
Ctrl. Alt. Delete: You crashed our affair.
I found out why by looking on Flickr.
And now you’re running Boyfriend 2.0,
Ignoring all my pokes and pings and tweets,
I know your outward solid state won’t show
That underneath your human heart still beats.
You hacked my love and optimized the code,
You are the plug-in I cannot replace.
You are the coolest app, the best download:
I’ve grown accustomed to your interface!
@exgirlfriend: what can this pwned geek do,
When all my base are still belong to you?

The Wild Shakespeare

(Note: I’m not much of a geek but I sometimes like to write poems. Writing a sonnet is like doing a tricky crossword: you have to play with words and you get a brain-workout: that’s the fun. This is ‘creative writing’. Any similarity to my real life is only accidentally intentional.)


  1. Ouch!
    Very Sharp.

    G2 could do with a bit of a polish with a grimy rag though.

  2. *sigh*
    Shakespeare never had to see his Dark Lady change her Facebook status to “single”.

  3. you are this close to turning into sevitzdotcom

  4. That pic of Shakespeare looks just like you with your beard/moostash.

  5. Dan Wilson says:

    Lynne: I have a full head of hair?!?! ;O)

  6. Dan – he might have a full head of hair but be hiding it under a bald wig to fit in with the shaven boys when he goes to footie.

    anyway the top of his head is cut off in the pic. So what would I know?

  7. I like this Mr Wilson. One of these mornings you will reboot and find that you have a new shiney plug-in making your system race just as fast again x

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