BBC iPlayer Annoyance

A man goes out for the evening. He has a few drinks. This isn’t unusual. He gets home at about midnight.

He doesn’t have a telly, but he does have a TV Licence. He fires up the iPlayer hoping to watch Question Time from Newry in Northern Ireland. It finished 40 minutes before. This Week is available ‘live’. Question Time isn’t available at all. He checks back an hour later and it still isn’t available.

Now, even the BBC should be able to make already broadcast shows available on the iPlayer within an hour? Apparently not. I’ll watch it later.

question time

2 thoughts on “BBC iPlayer Annoyance”

  1. This Week was pretty good, erm, this week though, if you get past the horrible andrew neil gags..

    One feature that I wish iplayer had is the ability to subscribe to shows so that they just download as soon as their available. That would encourage me to leave the app running and sharing my bandwidth for its peer to peer malarkey. As it is, I close it so it doesn’t clog up the office or my home’s bandwidth.

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