BBC iPlayer Annoyance #2

iplayer2 A man hears about a new BBC sitcom about a clone. He fires up the iPlayer. There are three episodes available. But which one is first? There are only clues not episode numbers.


  1. richard says:

    Alive is the first one. Albert is episode 2 and The Line is episode 3. Seems, like the oldest episode is on the bottom and the newest one on the top…

  2. The order of things is an internet wide problem I think. It fills me with rage that online bookstores provide huge amount of structured data but no clue as to which is the first book of a trilogy. Though I grant that I expose myself to this more than most by reading too many books about elves

  3. The best solution in this case is to watch none of them.

  4. Dan Wilson says:

    Well, I must say I watched the first episode (which I guess to be ‘Alive’) and confirm that it’s absolute shite.

  5. If it makes Tommy feel any happier, I have exactly that problem too.

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