Election Notes 16/04/10: The PM came to town

The throng gathers round Gordon and what can only be described as a smudge on my iPhone lens.

The PM came to town last Friday on the campaign trail and it was fascinating to see him in action at close quarters. I was also glad to shake his hand and share a few words with him. What a nice man.

He arrived at BHASVIC to a rapturous welcome. The students from all over Brighton were on their feet clapping enthusiastically and there were some whoops and cheers. I was quite surprised: it could have been a bit ‘meh’. I’m sure having Eddie Izzard in tow can’t have hurt. I didn’t hear it all: but I thought he gave a rather good Q&A.

And so down to the seafront. I’d asked some friends of mine to come down and meet him at Al Frescos. Not party members but sympathetic locals: I deliberately asked a few folk I know who have voted Green to come along. Gordon met everyone and was very pleasant before press and media and pics and the like.

The bit I liked best came later. He went down to the kid’s playground (to the crowd that had gathered) and pressed the flesh. It was unplanned, unscripted, unfettered, and unmediated. The crowd was warm. The PM was happy to chat with parents and kids got a friendly handshake, a high five or a pat on the head. A large throng gathered.

The reaction was very positive. Very, very friendly. One bloke thrust his hand forward and effusively thanked the PM for all the work he has done saving the economy. For a man who is entirely bereft of showbiz, this was a celebrity welcome.

Soon he was gone, heading towards Hastings in a big black car (he’d come to Brighton by train). Eddie Izzard was last seen getting into a rather shabby silver Fiesta. I’m not sure that was as planned.

8 thoughts on “Election Notes 16/04/10: The PM came to town”

  1. I thought it was strange when i heard he was visiting students. But of course he wouldn’t come to Sussex it wouldnt be those students.

    They’re the ones feeling the Labour cuts to Higher Education already so i don’t think he’d get as warm reception there!

  2. Allie,

    Keep on being a Green attack dog fighting for Dr Lucas with constant humourless criticism. It turns most people off.



  3. “Keep on being a Green attack dog fighting for Dr Lucas with constant humourless criticism. It turns most people off”

    Pot or kettle, Dan?

  4. Ahh, another one of the Lucas attack dogs. When will Luke Walter pop by?

    Neither pot nor kettle, Cllr Rufus. I’m not humourless.

  5. ” I’m not humourless. See previous comment.”
    I did – hence my comment. Ho, Ho, and…. um, Ho.

    Maybe comments left by people you don’t know, don’t read with much humour because you don’t know them, but the same applies in the other direction. I’m sure we’d get on well over a pint, be able to share a laugh – probably even when in debate – I do just that with plenty of other Labour activists and councillors. Political blogs perhaps aren’t a medium that make it too easy to know what people are really like, and as much as you level the ‘humourless’ tag at others, the more you appear the same. Just saying, like. I’m sure you’re lovely really.

  6. Hi Dan,

    I heard you were missing me so I figured I would stop by and see what was going on.

    You’re wanting criticism with humour? I’m afraid I’m not much good at that. I tend to lack any sense of humour at all. I can do awkward smiles and make well rehearsed remarks. A quality I feel I share with your dear friend GB.

  7. I notice you have taken out the more risque elements of your reply to Allie. Reconsidered how ‘humourous’ it was?*

    (* to be read in a tone of good humour and friendly banter)

    (Mongrel rather than attack dog btw)

  8. Sven,

    I thought probably best. It amused me but then you never know who’s reading. ;o)

    I do agree with you re online comms and especially any short comment which can be construed as brisk or rude. It’s an issue for sure. But perhaps we all need to be more generous readers too? ;o)


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