Brighton Scenes #7

brighton scenesBackstreet boozer not far from the sea, sunny Sunday evening. A flame haired, ill-tempered 30-something woman approaches the bar. She has enjoyed a few scoops. And I don’t mean ice cream.

Her: (Rudely) What wine have you got?

Barman: Red or white, madam?

Her: White. (As if he should have known that) No Chilean. I’m a wine snob. I hate Chilean.

Barman: We have Sauvignon Blanc, and a Chenin Blanc.

Her: Where’s the Sauvignon from?

Barman: South Africa. Would you like a taste? (She assents and swigs a tasting measure of the Sauvignon Blanc.)

Her: Yeah. That’s ok. I’ll have a bottle of the Chenin.

Barman: (with so much patience) Would you like to taste that one too?

Her: No point. Burnt my mouth on a cup of coffee earlier. Can’t really taste anything. It was proper coffee. I normally have it out of a machine and it’s not so hot.

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