Is Caroline Lucas on the Bus in Brighton?

Yesterday, the Brighton Argus (print edition) reported a press release from Green Leader Dr Caroline Lucas claiming a day’s travel on Brighton and Hove Buses costs £3.80. Obviously, as any Brighton resident will know, a CitySaver ticket costs £3.60 daily (and there are huge savings available for weekly and monthly tickets). The Argus rightly pointed out her inaccuracy. A spokesperson for Lucas excused her lack of local knowledge on a typo. Pesky typos!

She’ll need all the local price knowledge she can get if she wins the election and decides to move from Brussels to Brighton. She could do worse than check out one of these mortgage calculators for housing prices and what she can afford on an MP’s salary.”

I’m not sure Dr Lucas has seen her very own Brighton & Hove Bus around our City’s streets and it seems likely she missed this conversation I overheard only hours ago on the number 25. Here are both. It’s a public service.

“Yeah. Hi. It’s Caroline. Wassup? You know what it’s like, right? You’re like running around Brussels and Strasbourg doing your job and then a journalist starts dissing you, right? You totally want this shiny new job in London (it’s a promotion) and annoyingly right you have to go to Brighton every now and again to meet the people who are going to hire you. It’s, like, a nightmare! And then the local newspaper in Brighton slags you off for being out of touch ‘cos you don’t know how much a bus ticket costs. I know! Quelle bore!

Ok. So it’s a mistake. A little typo. My staff make typos like all the time. And what’s twenny pee right when you earn €84,000? If you say a daily bus ticket is £3.80 and they say it’s only £3.60: you’re all saving already right! They should get that. Everyone can take a chill pill. It’s all on expenses anyway! £28k a year in travel expenses is like totally normal for people like me. You don’t claim expenses? You should!

Someone should ask those hacks on the Argus. Yeah, they should. Yeah. The hacks that live in Brighton and Hove. Yeah. AND the bloggers. What are the bus fares in Brussels? I bet they don’t know! KILLER QUESTION! You mean it doesn’t matter? Yeah it matters! I live in Brussels!”

8 thoughts on “Is Caroline Lucas on the Bus in Brighton?”

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  2. Nice to see some positive campaigning from Labour supporters in Brighton.

    This doesn’t make us look like idiots at all.

  3. I would leave the satire to Charlie Brooker if I was you.

    This just makes us (Labour) look like cheap-shot, gutter scrapers.

  4. Allie,

    What a shame. I like a bit of verve, wit and amusement round here.

    Please try harder next time. 😉



  5. Hi Dan, I just spoke to you outside the Brunswick pub after you told me all jazz players are elitists and they were all rubbish, to which I argued that there is art and (implied) that perhaps you don’t get the art.

    After reading this tripe upon your suggestion of googling you, Dan Wilson, the (infamous?) author – not that I neeeded to after a 5 minute conversation with you – I realise that there is a lot you will never get and it’s pointless ever debating anything with you.

    I would wish you good luck in your endeavours, but your arrogance and over-intellectualisation of your own idiocy would send lady luck running for the hills so I’m not going to bother.

  6. Hi Mark,

    It would seem that you recall a different conversation to the one I participated in. I certainly would never (and didn’t) say all jazz people are elitist and all jazz musicians are rubbish. I made several specific observations.

    I said to you that I vehemently disliked jazz tap and found some Brunswick Jazz Jam people to be patronising, elitist and exclusive. Indeed, I would go further. Some are also annoying, pretentious, preening and loathsome.

    I used to enjoy a bit of jazz at the Brunswick until I was informed that my tastes were “trad” one evening. I was also, damningly, accused of being “too swing” on another night. Blimey. Call out the marines. Hang the dissenter! How jazz.

    I’m sorry you dislike this tripe. Reading my blog (as I understand) is not compulsory. I am fascinated that you should comment here and then also suggest it is “pointless ever debating anything” with me. Please keep broadcasting then.

    I hope my response was arrogant enough. As for my views on art… I couldn’t get a word in. You do not know them. I venture you are good at talking, taking offence and expecting agreement.

    I like discussion. Erudition. Originality. It’s a shame you didn’t offer any.

    If over-intellectualising means having views you don’t agree with, expecting a decent debate, challenging safe, well rehearsed points and maybe also expecting a bit of on-the-spot reflection and response rather than retreating to flabby well-worn and contrite positions then yes. I’m guilty. Hell yeah. Count me in.

    I welcome improvisation. And to think I hate jazz? Imagine. Imagine more.



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