Brighton’s Indian Gate at the Pavilion and the Wounded Soldiers

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Plenty has been written about the astonishing tale of the wounded Indian soldiers who were cared for in Brighton, often at the Pavilion, during the First World War. It was a gesture recognised by the Indians themselves and in this week 90 years ago (October 26th 1921), the Indian Gate at the Brighton Pavilion was formally opened by the Maharaja of Patiala in thanks. Did he coin the phrase “Doctor Brighton” he used in the speech, or was he using a well-worn phrase?

It seems apt to dust off a postcard from my collection to mark the event. Here are some of the chaps on the lawn at the Pavilion. They must have been an exotic sight as the postcard starts on the back with: “I expect you would like to see this picture of the wounded Indians…”

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