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BA must be chuffed with their Ad on the BBC

Way back when, I was told off by a BBC radio presenter for using the word 'eBay' twice in an interview about, well, eBay. I was expected to talk about 'internet auctions' and 'online buying and selling'. So I was quite intriuged by this video on the BBC. The PR and Branding folks at BA will be ... Read more »

Dan Wilson Links* 25/vii/08

A ragtag selection of links and amusements. You know the form. First, some stuff I've written elsewhere on the web: - Amazon, Etsy, eBay and the eCommerce Land Grab - Get a Competitive Edge on eBay With Video And from other people: - Totally loving ProBloggers's tips on blog stickiness. ... Read more »

Dan Wilson Links 3/vii/2008

A links miscellany. Here's some stuff I've been reading on the web and liked. From the New York Times, Luis Suarez of IBM explains how he has unshackled himself from his email inbox using social tools and the blower. The Mail has over taken the Guardian and the Telegraph as the highest ... Read more »

The Lessons Max Gogarty Taught Us

When an organisation is in the midst of an online community storm, as the Guardian was over Max Gogarty's blog, the only successful outcome that seems to matter is getting out the other side. Rather like the crew of a ship hanging on for dear life, you batten down the hatches, rely on camaraderie ... Read more »

wilsondan Links 10/03/08

RIP Civil Serf... ... We knew you well. It's taken the mandarins too long to understand the blogosphere and even then they didn't get it. Radical transparency has a home in government: you did it for me. I'll buy you a drink. Any day. Get in touch, if you read this. Search Engine ... Read more »

The Gogarty Affair: ‘Old Media’ vs. Web 2.0.

Blogger gets flamed. Dad weighs in. Newspaper criticises the readers. Journalist rails against the 'mob rule'. This is the fascinating tale of Max Gogarty, 19, who has so far written a single short 'blog' article for the Guardian recording a self-funded trip to India. Seeing as transparency is ... Read more »

Allons-y! Let’s try the BBC iPlayer!

Allons-y! I thought to myself. Boxing Day treat: I'll rewatch the Doctor Who Christmas special. And why not have a go with the BBC iPlayer? Millions of pounds and years in development, it's bound to be clever, robust, user-friendly. Hell, I'll even power up Internet Explorer. But no such luck. ... Read more »

Here comes the flood…

Someone was getting the antediluvian jitters down at the Evening Standard today when they wrote this poster snapped at Waterloo station not an hour ago. (Now, I'm not questioning the risks and I'm sympathetic to anyone who has suffered from the flooding, but really... this sort of nonsense ... Read more »

Social Networks, ‘Promiscuity’ and User Value

An article in The Times today caught my eye. Based on research by Parks Associates, it focuses on the 'promiscuity' of social network users and how many use several networks. The behaviour of these 'internet tarts' is evidence, apparently, according to Robert Jones, of Wolff Olins that "grand ... Read more »

mizpee. Taking the pee?

The Web 2.0 bubble must be close to bursting: I stumbled on mizpee recently. Here's the premise: "Do you ever find yourself desperately looking for a clean toilet in the city? MizPee finds the closest, cleanest toilet and gives you entertaining reading material once you get there. Since the ... Read more »

Dear Clarks…

In the immortal words of Noel Coward, "I'm old fashioned..." but unlike the master, I don't have much of an affinity with buying shoes. When I find a pair that last and suit, well, I'm happy and I'll wear them til they fall apart. I'm just about there with my current shoes. I like them but ... Read more »

iPhone Illumination

The story has been in all the papers, but I am grateful to Cian for this incisive, short and not too gimpy description of the benefits of the much praised iPhone. Here you go: Why ... Read more »

Check Out the Latest Edition of ‘In Business’

I'm a huge fan of the BBC journalist Peter Day. He presides over the brilliant Radio 4 programme In Business and is often to be heard on the World Service. He's an intelligent broadcaster seeking out the new with an amazing ability to ask that killer question or pursue an incisive hunch. His ... Read more »

The Million Word Site

Pixelotto looks like it might be picking up but MMMZR has fallen at the first hurdle with its founder crying off citing losses and complaining about lawyer's fees. So what's next from the flurry of 'magic traffic driving' sites? The latest on the bandwagon is New Yorker Itzhak Schier aka ZiQui ... Read more »