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wilsondan Links 10/03/08

RIP Civil Serf… … We knew you well. It’s taken the mandarins too long to understand the blogosphere and even … Read More

Here comes the flood…

Someone was getting the antediluvian jitters down at the Evening Standard today when they wrote this poster snapped at Waterloo … Read More

mizpee. Taking the pee?

The Web 2.0 bubble must be close to bursting: I stumbled on mizpee recently. Here’s the premise: “Do you ever … Read More

Dear Clarks…

In the immortal words of Noel Coward, “I’m old fashioned…” but unlike the master, I don’t have much of an … Read More

iPhone Illumination

The story has been in all the papers, but I am grateful to Cian for this incisive, short and not … Read More