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The Gogarty Affair: ‘Old Media’ vs. Web 2.0.

Blogger gets flamed. Dad weighs in. Newspaper criticises the readers. Journalist rails against the ‘mob rule’. This is the fascinating tale of Max Gogarty, 19, who has so far written a single short ‘blog’ article for the Guardian recording a self-funded trip to India. Seeing as transparency is the currency of blogging, I’ll come clean. …

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Allons-y! Let’s try the BBC iPlayer!

Allons-y! I thought to myself. Boxing Day treat: I’ll rewatch the Doctor Who Christmas special. And why not have a go with the BBC iPlayer? Millions of pounds and years in development, it’s bound to be clever, robust, user-friendly. Hell, I’ll even power up Internet Explorer. But no such luck. “Something went wrong.”

Here comes the flood…

Someone was getting the antediluvian jitters down at the Evening Standard today when they wrote this poster snapped at Waterloo station not an hour ago. (Now, I’m not questioning the risks and I’m sympathetic to anyone who has suffered from the flooding, but really… this sort of nonsense doesn’t help!)

Social Networks, ‘Promiscuity’ and User Value

An article in The Times today caught my eye. Based on research by Parks Associates, it focuses on the ‘promiscuity’ of social network users and how many use several networks. The behaviour of these ‘internet tarts’ is evidence, apparently, according to Robert Jones, of Wolff Olins that “grand operatic brands no longer work.” Wolff Olins, …

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